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Vancouver Forex Seminar with Mark McDonnell (1)

The following is a Forex event that I am organizing in Vancouver (Richmond to be exact), B.C., on Saturday, Nov. 12, 2011. Mark McDonnell of is our featured instructor, and it promises to be a popular and sold-out event.

Mark is extraordinary in his trading methodology, has been consistent in his approach as his legion of followers can attest to, and now he is coming to Vancouver for an all-day seminar that is only $99 (+HST for B.C. residents) – which includes lunch.

If you are a Forex trader of ANY level, you will benefit from spending the day with Mark. It might possibly, completely change the way you approach your trading. We’ll publish a sales profile for this seminar on TradingMetro soon, but in the interim, please see full instructions below. If you have any questions, please drop me an email – sam(at) or give me a call (604.909.3750).

I look forward to seeing you there!

Cheers – Sam


Forexearlywarning All Day Forex Training

Vancouver, British Columbia, Saturday November 12th 2011

Seminar Summary

Forexearlywarning will conduct an all-day live Forex seminar in Vancouver, B.C. on Saturday, November 12, 2011. Seminar hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., with Mark McDonnell of as presenter.


Mark will cover the five major areas of Forex study including: support and resistance, parallel and inverse analysis, multiple timeframe analysis, writing a Forex trading plan, entry management/money management and additional topics from our 35 lesson training package from as time allows.

There will also be several interactive mini sessions where Mark quizzes the audience about many Forex topics.

Please note that this seminar will not cover the standard technical indicators used by the Forex industry. Nor will the seminar cover scalping. The system is totally different. The system works every day to capture pips using swing to position trading across 28 pairs. We focus on total market analysis and exact entry points.

Seminar Location

The seminar will be conducted at the Best Western Abercorn Inn, Vancouver Airport Hotel,  9260 Bridgeport Road, British Columbia Canada V6X 1S1

Link to Location

Seminar Registration

The seminar cost is $99 CAD (+HST for BC residents) per person and the price includes the Saturday seminar, ice water, coffee and soda throughout the day, lunch buffet, WIFI Internet and electrical connections. There will be classroom style seating for attendees, so bring your laptops. Only 60 seats are available so we expect it to sell out!

The menu for the included lunch on Saturday will be a New York Deli Buffet: fruit salad, potato chips and dip, assorted deli meats and cheeses, assorted breads and rolls, condiments, assorted desserts, coffee, decaf and iced tea.

Payment Instructions

The meeting organizer is Mr. Sam Araki of you can email him at sam(at) OR Mark McDonnell at with any questions about the seminar.

All payments for registration fees should be made through Paypal. Go to the Paypal Website and send the $99 CAD (+HST for BC Residents) payment. In case of any difficulties, the TradingMetro Paypal email address is

Also, at that time, please drop an email to Sam at providing your name, address, telephone, and email address. Also let him know if you are paying for more than one attendee with any details. The $99 fee guarantees you a seat.

You will be advised of same early in the week of the seminar via email. Enrolment is on a first come, first serve basis, until sold out, so get your reservations in right away to make sure you aren’t shut out!


Additional Travel and Hotel Information

If you need a room at the Best Western Abercorn Inn Hotel be sure to use the promotional code Forexearlywarning  for the special room rate of $89.95 CAD which includes breakfast.

Pre Seminar Homework

Prior to attending the seminar all attendees should read the six technical papers and five google knols to prepare them for the seminar. Also set up the free trend indicators from This will even out the audience and facilitate Mark’s ability to teach at a higher level without having traders in the audience with no knowledge of the system.


Mark McDonnell wishes to thank Sam Araki of Trading Metro and Mr. Ray Beattie for coordinating this seminar. He is dedicated to helping Forex traders in the Vancouver area and give their time and effort to put together this low cost seminar.


Carlos Wolf Live Forex Training in Vancouver (3)

***** Feb. 2 UPDATE: Please visit for full, updated infomration.


This is for those who are part of the Vancouver Forex Trading Meetup Group – a special Forex training has been organized featuring Forex trader Carlos Wolf.

Many have been asking for the details and I have been promising it. You’ll find the details below. We’re creating a special page for it on TradingMetro but it isn’t quite ready, so for now, here is the information.

As far as payment goes you can register for the course and secure your seat through one of two immediate options a) Paypal (Pay Now button is below), and b) Direct bank deposit (See under Payment Information below). If you are unable to use Paypal and want to use Visa, Mastercard or AMEX, we’ll have that functionality soon.

If you have any questions, please type them in the comments. I’ll respond.

General Summary
This is a 12 hour Forex Trader Training by master trader Carlos Wolf. Carlos has been teaching since 2005 and has been a mentor to thousands of traders since then. He is a Forex mentor to a worldwide audience.

One thing you’ll quickly realize is that there are no outlandish claims or exaggerations.

Ordinarily Carlos conducts his training over two days, but since he is a resident of Vancouver, we are lucky to have the option of having the training spread over a longer period. Over the course of four Tuesdays, starting Tuesday, Feb. 8, 2011, Carlos will conduct three hour sessions from 6 – 9 p.m. It’s a lot of material and it’s best to have it in increments.

In between the live sessions (and really this is based on trader feedback) there will be online support sessions (once a week). There are also a variety of excellent resources you’ll have access to for 60 days from when the training starts.

I am a personal friend of Carlos and he has offered to train anyone from the Vancouver Forex Meetup group at a 35% discount. Ordinarily the course is $1000 USD, but through this special offer, it is available for $650 CAD. Carlos owns and operates

What is included?

+ Four 3-hour LIVE face-to-face group Forex trading training sessions (General training outline is below)


+ Weekly online support classes (between live sessions – as needed by the group)

(Included Free for the duration of the training and 30 days thereafter – approx. 60 days)
+ Full Access to Academic Webinars (Recorded Course Modules) | All Course topics are supported by recorded modules that can be accessed 24/7.
+ Daily Market Projection Videos | These are Market Projection videos recorded and posted daily by Carlos Wolf, which apply the tools for market analysis taught during the training.
+ Daily Model (Wave Counting and Trendline) Charts
| Elliott Wave Count and Trendline plotted charts by Carlos Wolf posted daily. 

Please ignore the URL at the start of the video for now, it’s being created as I type!
General Course Syallabus
- Use of Timeframes
- Barriers and Trendlines
- Elliott Wave Principles and Practices
- Introduction to Fibonacci Analysis
- 5 Fibonacci Applications
- 4 Applications to Predict Time
- Pattern Recognition
- Indicator Training
- Work all the Tools as a System
- Money Management
- Psychology of Trading

Wednesdays (Starting Feb. 9, and continuing Feb. 16, 23, and March 2)

National Nikkei Museum & Heritage Centre (Nikkei Place)

6688 Southoaks Crescent, Burnaby BC V5E 4M7

This Forex Training is suitable for all levels of traders – although one should have a basic understanding of Forex. Carlos will conduct an introduction to Forex webinar preceding the course, IF it is required (dependent on student feedback).

Payment Information
Payment can currently be made via Paypal or Direct Bank Deposit. The option to pay via the TradingMetro shopping cart where Visa, MasterCard and American Express are accepted will be available soon.

Direct bank payment can be made at any Coast Capital Savings Credit Union branch. Please deposit to credit of: TradingMetro Enterprises Inc. (#5677070). Once this payment is made please email

to confirm receipt of payment.

Q: Will there be spouse or friend discounts?
A: The pricing for this special training is already discounted for Meetup group members, but a discount is available for spouses, who will receive a $150 cash rebate on the first day of the training. So the cost would be $650 for the first person and $500 for the spouse. This would apply to direct family members as well – sons and daughters.

Q: How large will the training group be?
A: The optimal number is 20.

Q: What if I can’t make it to the Wednesday night training sessions?
A: If you purchase the training session and can’t make it to Wednesdays, that’s not a problem. Carlos will do all he can to come up with a workable schedule for you.

Q: Is the training available in any other languages?
A: This particular training is in English, but Carlos also teaches in Spanish. You can take advantage of this special pricing and Carlos will work out a separate Spanish training session for those who show interest.

SEO Link Exchange Policy (0)

Every week, TradingMetro is deluged by one link exchange request or another. In response to this, I am stating TradingMetro’s policy. Requests we receive are similar to what you see below:

SEO Link Exchanges

Our official policy is that TradingMetro does NOT practice in any sort of Link Exchanges. We will display links of our partners on occasion, but these are reputable providers in the Online Trading industry. We will absolutely not exchange links with any directories, portals, or similar sites.

Good luck in your search strategies, and if you are a provider of a trading solution (strategy, course, system, tool, etc.) we’d love to hear from you and see if there is a basis for a joint venture. If you are interested in this, please scroll down and submit a message to us through our Contact Us page.

Forex Trading Group in Vancouver, BC (2)

meetup2Yes, I’ve been out of the blogging loop for quite some many number of months, but it’s just been because I’ve been busy with other non-Forex things, and been having a good time with it!

Over the past couple of years, though, I’ve organized a Forex Meetup group in Vancouver, BC, and we have a great group of traders who come out every month, with new traders constantly coming out.

If you’re local to the Vancouver area, or even if you aren’t (sure you wouldn’t be able to meet with us, but you’ll receive some of the updates that are sent out), join our Meetup group – the most active Forex trading Meetup group in North America.

I invite special guests to come present on a regular basis.

The whole point of the group is that NO ONE trading tool is the holy grail for all – I don’t care what anyone says – so we have varied approaches and tools presented and talked about at the group. The onus will always be on a trader to sift through what’s presented and continue on their own unique trading journey.


NFA Fines Gain Capital $459,000 (0)

I haven’t personally been trading with Gain Capital, and it seems that it’s a GOOD thing!

The National Futures Association just sent out a notice “NFA orders $459,000 monetary sanction against New Jersey forex firm Gain Capital Group LLC” today and I wonder what kind of REAL impact this will have on Gain Capital’s (or’s) business.

Despite the fact that this has been “settled” with Gain not “admitting” or “denying” charges, how will the Complaint and Decision affect its business?

Ryan O’Keefe Coming to Vancouver on Wednesday (0)


It’s been weeks since I blogged – mostly because I’ve been busy with a whole whack of things. But now that LOST is officially over, I can focus on other things again :P .

On Wednesday we’re welcoming Ryan O’Keefe to the Vancouver Forex Meetup group – so if you are in the Vancouver area, I’d encourage you to come. We have a few spaces left, and I know that Ryan’s approach will resonate with the majority of traders out there.

He’s here Wednesday night, so grab a spot through the Meetup group!

Forex Spam and Indian SEO (3)

Just a couple of things that I get bombarded with CONSTANTLY.

gomarkets If it isn’t one shady company it’s another. Recently “Go Markets” (Go Markets Forex Broker) a broker based in Australia. All of a sudden I start receiving emails from them, so I replied and asked how I got on their list. The response was (and shockingly I actually did receive a response):

Dear Sir,

Thankyou for your email,

We arrange mailouts from a variety of sources, you may have given your details to a website that discusses FX trading or online forums.

If you wish to be removed from our mailing list then feel free and this will be done

Kind regards

Go markets

I “may” have given my details? I never use my personal corporate address to sign up on any list. The only way this address would have been gathered is by someone I’ve communicated with manually adding my name. Sheesh. For all the good that some are doing in the Forex trading industry – there are forex spammers and forex scammers who will do anything to get seen.

So, if this is the way they market their business … do you think they conduct their business in a similar way?


Speaking of being seen. Search Engine Optimization is big biz these days and TradingMetro gets hit hard CONSTANTLY by Indian SEO companies that make it sound like they’re based in some English speaking country. Today I received an email from “Kent Cornwall.” It’s ALWAYS some anglo name. And the IP Address is always similar. Another form of spam.

Your Name: Kent Cornwall

Email Address:

Subject: SEO Services

Message: We would like to get your website on first page of Google.

All of our processes use the most ethical "white hat" Search Engine
Optimization techniques that will not get your website banned or
Please reply and I would be happy to send you a proposal

I call these time wasters and unfortunate attempts at “business.” 

Advantages of Trading ETFs (0)

I usually don’t sit through presentations at Moneyshows and Expos – but this one by Matthew McCall on ETFs was very good. He cycles through a ton of various ETFs and although his commentary doesn’t accompany this, it’s still a useful presentation to flip through.

Accessing Alternative Investments through ETFS

The Underwhelming Vancouver Moneyshow (0)

moneyshow My general thought on the Moneyshow is fairly luke-warm. And that’s only because it serves a purpose to me to see what and who are out there. It’s a great place to make contacts.

For traders, though, it leaves much to be desired. I only had to enter the Hyatt Regency for a few minutes to realize that people are bombarded with “stuff.” Just walking past folks sitting down pulling one flyer after another out of their giveaway bags made me wonder how any of this could be effective – for anyone.

Walking around the exhibit floor, though, most everything is a big ticket item, so a few sales can make the thousands of dollars spent on a booth worth it – maybe.

I had one exhibitor tell me that it was by far the most sparsely attended Moneyshow she had been at, but the most effective because she had more of a chance to actually talk to people and answer their questions.

The Moneyshow franchise is gobbling up its competition, most recently the Financial Forum, which got the Moneyshow into Vancouver for the first time.

One thing that Moneyshow needs to do more effectively is reach out to those in newer markets through local partnerships.

All in all, though, the philosophy of let’s throw as much crap against the wall and see what sticks, burns bright with the Moneyshow. I’m not saying that’s bad, it’s just the way it’s been. All I’m saying is, it can be done better.

It’s a constant thought I have with TradingMetro … how can we better deliver what to traders what they need (not what they’re necessarily looking for – as all the stuff that’s out there promotes confusion).

The Inaugural (and Perhaps Last) Video Blog Post (0)

We’ll see how it goes :P .

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