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IBM (0)

IBM trade: 09/23/2011 A shoot – gain of 15% so far. Tranquility without work and stress!

AMR – Crash (0)

The red arrow indicates the date of 01.28.2011 the closing position by the system in the price of 7.60. Since the last closing of the position our system has shown no signs of entry and today the stock price is close to 0.26 cents.

BackTests (0)


Our success is based on that we do not close a winning position too early, because it can continue to profit forever and we do not get in a position in a downtrend since it might fall forever. We do not have the exact date of when a trend will end or begin, we just follow the actual market situation through our system. Here are the results of some backtests using the ID System.

No-Crash System (0)

In 2008 came the crash of the markets, where people were desperate and lost fortunes by not being prepared against this type of situation. Our system is fully shielded against crashs naturally. We detect the beginning of the crisis, and stand outside, avoiding all the despair in the financial market. Check out our system!


Technical Analysis (0)

The Traditional Technical Analysis is a difficult and tiresome form of operation within the financial market. Standards like LTA `s LTB` s, triangles, rectangles, etc., are illusions in which a chaotic market the human mind tries to find order! Often what happens is that the expected movement coincides with the movement of the market, generating income for 20% of Day Traders and Swing Traders operating with strategy and experience, and losses to the remaining 80% of Traders. Surfing trends is completely different, because for Trend Surfers there are no targets, only the movement of high or low, which is operated in a systematic way, without targets, retractions, figures etc. … Our users follow our objective system, in a simple and easy way!


About Invest Detector (0)

Invest Detector is an independent provider of research and investment consulting, located in Brazil not linked to any financial conglomerate. Our main focus is on variable income products. The site’s principle is the opening of our trading system to the public to monitor their operations and profitability. Because our management is independent it has no influence of any external source of information, thus providing total transparency in our analysis.


Today the stock market has been the best alternative for the growth of capital from individual investors. Every day more people make this activity their main occupation, because of that, there are now a large community of professional investors. Invest detector has began from the initiative of experienced traders, in order to spread trading strategies and protect individual investors of the pitfalls of the financial market. The main objective of Invest detector is form an online community that allows traders to exchange knowledge and market informations in real time.


Cold and Calculated (0)

For the Invest Detector system, nothing is too cheap or expensive for you to detect a new entry or exit into a trend, even strange it may seem. Our system operates in a cold, calculated and discrete way, because we have technical informations that provide us to perform these operations for reasons unknown to most of the market. The Invest Detector System operates in an objective and slow way, with no doubt or fear, with this, getting rid of all stress analysis and daily operations. Prepare yourself for our system that will change your overview on the markets, generating wealth wisely and keeping you away from complications forever.


Philosophy of the system (0)

Invest Detector users do not take into account the news, tips from friends, economists, traders desktop, gurus, fund managers, analysis of investment banks, brokerage reports etc … they only rely on his investment philosophy and its system of trades. Users of our system do not get sad by some eventual losses, not happy or excited about their big gains in the market, because they consider naturally the large movements of the market and its consequence in the curve of capital. Our members share their capital operable between 5 to 10 papers, since they refuse to get emotionally involved in trades. Users of Invest Detector System are disciplined, their results come from successive trades of the same system in the same papers year after year.

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