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Yield curve flattens in light action

April 20th, 2010


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Yield curve flattens in light action


Treasuries were mixed on Tuesday with the long end of the curve spending most of the day in green territory and the short end decisively red.  Had the Bank of Canada not begin with it’s dovish talk about consecutive rate hikes into year end, we might have seen a more pronounced bullish bias. 


The Treasury will announced the next round of note issues on Thursday.  Specifically, the 2, 5 and 7 year notes will be offered along with a batch of 5 year TIPS.  Most analyst are looking for record size, and this could rekindle supply concerns. 


We are a little uncertain as to the disconnect between notes and bonds.  Our technical target/resistance area in the note worked like a charm but the T-bond rally lagged.  The Bond chart suggests that there could be another surge to the rally but an apparent reversal in the note is suspect.  For now, we are going to have to assume  that the bond is the leader and that the outlook for moderately higher pricing is possible.  That said, we like the short side of this market.  Look for a good place to be a seller.  There is a strong band of resistance from the mid 117’s to 118. 


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